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Creative things always look original, specific, unusual and off course full of sense. In 6thCross we believe in creative expressions. These expressions can be an image or some beautiful words knitted together in a coherent way to make it a beautiful thought, an idea that will “make you think”. We needed a canvas to do that and eventually found that in the form of a simple T-Shirt. Our tools are simple, that’s to understand you and your desires. So let us share our colors of life with you.

“Be with us and dive into an experience called 6thCross.”


Our manufacturing and apparel legacy, each are completely  unique starting from in-house designing  and production  ranging to packaging and some limited edition styles are all mend to provide a simple but good  T Shirt to customer.

Our products meet the stringent international standards in both designs and quality and are best suited for every generation of people. We offer a vast range of products that make the wearer look stylish amongst his/her contemporaries, besides offering high levels of comfort. As a quality destined company, we make sure to test the aforementioned garments on various quality parameters in order to justify their best productive value, based on comfort level, stylish looks  and apt finish.

We have a team of competent professionals who help us in achieving complete customer satisfaction. 

Fabrics are specially manufactured. Printing is done using a very special and unique process so that the design never fades away.

Most importantly, we follow all the code of ethics, and run the business on transparent grounds, giving large space to customers to deal with us in a coveted way. 

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